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Virtual Fitness Training

Enjoy life on your terms, in a body that won't slow you down!

Move better. Build strength and stamina. Reduce chronic or recurrent pain. Improve balance, body composition and bone density. Promote mindfulness.

Feel empowered!
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    About Us    

Metamorphosize: Virtual Fitness Training is dedicated to helping people like you achieve their personal fitness goals.


We custom design highly personalized mind-body wellness programs that are challenging, effective and fun! We coach our clients through those programs via live video conference.

Our mission is to help our clients cultivate good health and pain-free living through scientifically driven and emotionally satisfying physical training.


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To understand the strength and weaknesses of an individual, a trainer needs to descend down to the level of the trainee and bring him or her up while instilling confidence. Gregory pushed me to reach beyond expectations after my spinal cord injury. I can do more than most people in my age group with no injuries. As a teacher I can see in Gregory, the love for the subject, knowledge of the subject and the love for the student. This is what distinguishes an exceptional trainer from an average one. 

Lynn - High School Teacher (Retired)

“Stay frosty! Use your yin! Then rise like a champion!”


For over seven years, Gregory has been using these phrases and other powerfully inspiring words to propel me toward my goals of mind and body health. Under his watchful eye, and utilizing his bottomless bag of training tricks, I’ve learned to translate those instructions that have made me physically stronger and more flexible and balanced, into actions that help me navigate life with a deeper confidence and calm.


When Gregory first became my personal trainer, I never fathomed the impact he would have on my life. Because his knowledge of the human body is so extensive, Gregory has helped me to reveal much that was hidden, so that I, too, could learn to rise like a champion.


Gregory is an experienced and versatile personal fitness trainer specializing in functional fitness. Gregory understands the mechanics of pain and how to manage it. He listens to his clients, evaluates their current fitness levels, and provides one-on-one fitness training at the right level customized to the client's needs and circumstances. It is a pleasure working out with Gregory as he knows how to push limits, but not to an extreme extent. He is the Goldilocks of personal trainers - not too light, not too hard, but just right.

Kathleen - Researcher

I was blessed to be paired with Gregory several years ago as my trainer at a local gym. His level of expertise and attention to detail and technique made me feel extremely safe in my exercising, especially since I have rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve continued to this day to work out weekly with Gregory! I’ve never been more physically fit thanks to him!



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