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Coach Gregory - CEO / Fitness Director
B.A. Penn State University / ACSM cPT / CPR / AED
Licensed & Insured since 2012 
Training Paradigm: 
Coach Gregory developed the Metamorphosize Mind-Body Training & Movement Therapy training paradigm after years of formal education, dedicated self-study and real world application.
Influential Ideologies Include:
Biopsychosocial Model of Pain (Engel) / Functional Movement Systems & Corrective Strategies (Cook) / Joint by Joint Approach (Cook) / Pain-Free Movement (Carey) / Four Quadrant Strength & Conditioning (John) / New Functional Training For Sports (Boyle) / Functional Training Anatomy (Carr / Feit) / Instant Health: The Shaolin Quigong Workout (Sifu Yan Lei) / The Shaolin Kung Fu Workout (Sifu Yan Lei) / Non-Linear Periodization
Energy System Development: L.I.S.S., M.I.S.S., H.I.C.T., H.I.I.T. & Explosive Repeats  

"Fitness is not a competition to see how much punishment you can take.


At Metamorphosize, we use controlled doses of physical stress to catalyze positive change.

We rely on well tested scientific principals to develop customized training programs and; we work collaboratively with you to shape those programs over time."

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